Steam Ejector: Size-2

Steam Ejector: Size-2
Brand: Stead and Baker
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With this jet pump, any liquid (if not too thick) can be transported from one level to another or horizontally almost any distance and for priming centrifugal pumps. When operated by air the function is to exhaust air or gasses and form a partial vacuum but air cannot be used to elevate water as air does not mix with water and will not allow the water to pass through the delivery end of Ejector.

By elevation is meant the distance from Ejector to same height above it. By lift is meant the distance from the Ejector to the surface of the water below. When the work is situated so that the Ejector must work both lifting and elevating it may be located to lift and elevate within the limits of 6 to 7.5 m Lift and elevate 12 to 18 metres with 27 to 45 kg pressure. When Ejector is placed not more than 3 feet above the surface of the water it will elevate 18 to 36 metres or proportionately with the steam pressure by which it is operated. Where an Ejector is used with a lift of 3 metres or over, a foot valve should be placed on the lower end of the suction pipe.

Sizes available No. 1 to 8.

Maximum steam temperature 200˚C.

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